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House of Christ Bible Institute

House of Christ Bible Institute

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An Opportunity to Grow in Wisdom and Knowledge 
Earn a Diploma in Biblical Studies
Full credit in the areas of preaching,teaching,missions & evangelism, counseling and spiritual leadership.

For more information contact:

House Christ Bible Institute
PO.Box 30371
Elmont NY 11003
email hodminister@gmail.com
(877) 351-4939
(347) 357-9266

Courses Offered in  Class Room Setting and Distance Learning
 These 40 courses provide a well-rounded education and balanced approach to get students into the Bible, and for the development of successful Christian living. .
Basic Bible Doctrine 
Personal Evangelism 
Gospel of Mark 
Psalm 23
Book of Nehemiah
Character Development
Bible and Prayer
God in American History
Book of Ruth
Bible Times & Customs
Old Testament Survey 1
Old Testament Survey 2
New Testament Survey 
Christ Our Sufficiency
Christ in the Tabernacle
Study of Daniel
Jesus, the Vine
Winning Over Worry
Principles of Spiritual Growth
Handling Adversity
Book of Proverbs
Christ the Teacher
The Biblical Family
Peter, Paul & John the Baptist
Book of Philippians
Spiritual Power in Teaching
Christ's Words from the Cross
Christian Warfare
Discipleship Training
Bible & Science
Key Words of the Christian Life
Church History
Present Labor & Future Rewards
Book of Revelation
1 & 2 Thessalonians
God's Wonderful Promises
Surviving an Economic Meltdown
Seven Churches of Revelation
Spiritual Leadership
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